Feeling apprehensive about Christmas?

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, excitement, and love with family or friends

However, for some Christmas may be met with some apprehension and challenges, particularly for those with a mental health condition or for those who are supporting a loved one with a mental health condition.

Amid all the flurry of Christmas, taking time out to remember a few simple ways to protect your wellbeing could make all the difference. So here are 25 tips from HelpingMinds to make this festive season a little more manageable.

(If 25 is too much then check out the ABC’s 7 simple steps to a stress-free Christmas)

Last Thursday (9 February) saw SI Joondalup’s Even Keel Committee hold their first event for 2017.  The event was a combined morning tea held at “Cape to Cairo” in Woodvale for both members of Even Keel and a local group called Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren.

It was well attended by 17 people who enjoyed the delicious cakes and coffee that this café is famous for, with the added bonus of meeting people who they could talk to about some of the concerns they face every day.  Sadly we heard heartbreaking stories of drug addicted daughters who were incapable of raising their own children, of murdered children and violent family members.

On a more positive note, we were able to congratulate “Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren” on winning the City of Joondalup Community Award for the wonderful work they do in supporting each other and advocating for more recognition from the government.

Corrine thanked everyone who attended on behalf of Even Keel and Jennie thanked them on behalf of SI Joondalup, briefly telling them of Even Keel’s mission and goals.

The next event planned by The SI Joondalup Even Keel Committee is a “Pamper Day” specifically for the supervisors of the group therapy sessions.  These leaders are volunteers who have had training in mental health and run the 10 peer-driven therapy groups.  The pamper day will involve foot baths, aroma therapy and massage using “Seacret Minerals from the Dead Sea” products.

Members of the Even Keel Committee are also at present negotiating with the City of Joondalup for a grant to run a Mental Health Forum during Mental Health Week in October this year.

Website Editor: Well done ladies.