Welcome to Even Keel Support Association!

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We would like to introduce our service to you.

We are only a small organisation, yet vital to the community of Western Australia.

We are confident that we assist individuals who have been affected by mental illness to develop skills and abilities to maximise their capacity to live within the community and to engage them in our support programs. We promote awareness and provide information to all members of the public, to assist them in understanding the difficulties mental illness bring to the individual’s personal, social life and which influences society as a whole.

The programs that Even Keel have to offer people with mental health problems are designed to develop and maintain skills required for daily living, social interaction and increase their participation within the community to enable them to regain and/or gain a sense of belonging. In order to achieve this outcome, we supply the opportunity for them to build and sustain personal wellbeing. With personal wellbeing comes optimism for the future and a sense empowerment, building, sustaining or reconnecting common relationships within their families and with their friends, to extend existing networks and encourage communities to accept the people for who they are.

Our mutual support and self-help group based services help the individuals to identify and develop new skills and personal resilience to build a satisfying life despite having a mental illness diagnosis.

Even Keel runs various mutual support and self-help groups in the metropolitan area including the Peel region, as well as one mutual support and self-help group in the South West region of Western Australian in Busselton.

The majority of our mutual support and self-help groups are located in the suburbs of Perth such as Cannington, Fremantle, Joondalup, Midland, Riverton, and Yokine. We also include the Peel Region of Mandurah and Rockingham.

Even Keel also facilitates in-patient information sessions at the majority of the psychiatric treatment facilities around the metropolitan and Peel region. These facilities include Bentley Hospital, Mimidi Park and Sir Charles Gardner Hospital.